Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Installation of biomass boilers

La instalación de calderas de biomasa
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Entre los trabajos en Zaragoza y otras áreas es la instalación de calderas de biomasa. A través de la alta cualificación y siempre utilizando productos de calidad, nuestros operadores de la empresa realizan instalaciones para los usuarios disfrutar de sistemas estables perfectamente y proporcionan un gran ahorro en la factura.

Esta es una de las principales características de los sistemas de biomasa para la calefacción y ACS. Cuando se trata de pagar la factura de la calefacción y el agua caliente, los usuarios que utilizan la biomasa experiencia ahorro significativo.

También es un proceso no perjudicial para el medio ambiente; biocombustibles se obtienen y se controla la limpieza de las montañas productos de desecho. Haga cualquier pregunta que usted necesita, con la seguridad de que siempre se informará con confianza. Sólo los mejores profesionales son capaces de ofrecer servicios, los clientes no se arrepentirá.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Installing pellet boilers

Installing pellet boilers
Whenever you want to have professionalism to work on the premises of your home, institution or company, contact qualified professionals such as you find in our team in Europe. The installation of biomass boilers is a possibility to reach a work by an ACS system and effective, economical and clean heating is achieved.

The heat produced by the combustion of biofuels is of great quality, and obtained a friendly energy environment. Contact our professionals and get at affordable prices mount any hot water and heating system based on biomass, either with pellets and other biofuels, such as pine chips. We propose professional work 365 days a year, in any circumstance. We are available to inform you of quality and other features.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Advantages of biocombustibes

Ventajas de biocombustibes
Entre las novedades más interesantes en el mundo de la ACS y componentes calefactores están relacionados con la biomasa. Los biocombustibles de empresas controladas madera de tala, la tala de bosques o de desecho, se utilizan para alimentar dispositivos que ofrecen varias ventajas: ahorro de gran factura, el calor de la calidad, ausencia de olores.

Otra ventaja de los biocombustibles es la excelente capacidad de almacenamiento. Pero en cualquier caso, para el aparato para satisfacer las expectativas, deben ser ensambladas únicamente por expertos. Ofrecemos una empresa de instalación de calderas de biomasa especializado, dispositivos que pueden funcionar con pellets o otros biocombustibles, tales como los huesos de frutos secos, cáscaras de frutos secos o las virutas de pino. Póngase en contacto con solamente por trabajadores cualificados, por lo que se cumplen todas sus expectativas para la instalación de la caldera y cualquier componente relacionado biomasa.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Sale pine

Sale pine
The pine is one of the best placed to perform multiple jobs as well as to feed boilers and stoves. It is a material neither too soft nor too hard, with straight ribs and with a power of arrest optimal. This type of wood can be used to create furniture, but also for many other utilities.

Our team in Zaragoza tells about the features and price of pine logs, as well as many other types of wood. Find qualified personnel who also proposes selling biomass stoves and all kinds of biofuels, such as pellets or nut shells.

Experts recommend getting in touch with professionals only when biomass facilities wishing to live up to expectations. Only qualified staff can offer the best advantages over the acquisition of biomass products.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Pine bark

Pine barkBuying pine bark helps improve in many aspects parks, gardens and other outdoor areas. Among the advantages of pine bark for gardens highlights :

His great capacity to absorb and get rid of moisture.

Its decorative possibilities.

It is a perfect item to prevent the occurrence of mold and mildew .

Its economical price.

Buy pine bark is one of the possibilities we provide from the company presented in Zaragoza, and, for Spain, available to any citizen this and other organic material.

It is a product of nature, however, does not cause environmental damage , as it is extracted from wood industries or trees they have been felled for cleaning a controlled forests. Remember that only professionals should provide this and other biofuels... authentic biomass experts

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Buy pellets

 Buy pellets
Get high-quality pellets with experts who can tell you about every one of its features ... as well as their origin and use to feed boilers of all kinds.

There biomass boilers that support pellets and other biofuels, as there are boilers that are designed exclusively for pellets. We offer versatility and a large number of options to get the most appropriate biofuels for every occasion. We assure results regarding wood pellets in Zaragoza and other parts of Spain.

Get wood pellets of unsurpassed quality with a house that tells you all features of this and other biofuels. You can also inquire about biomass boilers and all accessories for the heating and hot water system. Always buy quality pellets of the best companies.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Features pellets

Features pelletsWith accessories qualified in biomass and biofuels companies, various advantages are obtained to make the home a, warm in winter and ACS systems up to the most demanding customers pleasant space. EN 14961-2 determines certain characteristics of ENplus pellets, one of the most sought biofuels.

By this criterion, the pellets are divided into three categories: Class A1 in entering higher quality pellets, wood from pristine without treatments, which have minimal content of chlorine, nitrogen and other substances.

On the other hand, it belongs to the class A2 pellets with somewhat higher amounts of such substances. As for the third class, B, integrates recycled wood pellets, but never, in any case, containing heavy metals. Contact us with confidence, and we will explain all the options available to them.