Thursday, 18 April 2013

Evolution pellet prices in Spain 2012

Prices reflected here are EX Works, ie floor price without VAT and transport included. Similarly, prices have become euros per ton cents per kilowatt hour to facilitate comparisons with other fossil fuels (oil, butane, etc.). Domestic pellet prices down over 2012, except in the format big bag, which was a slight rise at the beginning of the winter season at the end of the year. The average price of a 15 kg bag of loose purchased has dropped from 3.40 to 3.30 € (3%). The price per ton if we buy a whole pallet of sacks down very slightly down from € 219.84 / tn to € 218.76 / t (1.3%). breaks the downtrend the price of pellets in big bags that, after remaining virtually unchanged throughout the year, results in an increase of more than 3%, more of EUR 5 per tonne. However, bulk prices continue the downward trend seen during the year and down another 4.2% to 192, 15 € / tn. Recall that the bulk price may be higher than big-bag because it is transported by truck, a more expensive than the regular truck that moves the bags a ton, although it is seen that the trend is to equalize the prices.