Monday, 22 April 2013

Madera de Pinares in five continents

In Madera de Pinares have offices in five continents. Now you can contact us wherever you are.

» Asia
» Latin America
» Europe

Madera de Pinares USA
In the U.S. and Canada are also working in the biomass sector, with major U.S. companies forestry and biomass pellets, with collaboration agreements and joint actions.

Madera de Pinares Asia
In the emerging Asian market, we have an office in Mumbai (India) and act in India and China and other Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and in Oceania (Australia and New Zealand)

Madera de Pinares America
With the emerging Latin American market also we work in countries like Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Central America, Paraguay and other wood and biomass producers, with agreements with major companies in the region, and institutions.

Madera de Pinares Africa
On the African continent, from our delegation in Ghana, we serve this important area of ​​the world, with agreements with companies in the region, in forestry and biomass