Our company

Madera de Pinares

Madera de Pinares CPV S.L.
is a company dedicated to the field of biomass, the wood and the environment, based in Zaragoza and Soria (Spain).

Its founders have decades of experience in all these areas of activity, and its objetive is to contribute to the development of the FOREST BIOMASS modern energy source that respects the environment, in this century in which we face social and economic challenges as exciting.

Madera de Pinares, directly and through agreements with other companies in this sector, is dedicaed to all steps of the cycle of biomass, both in Spain and in all countries of the world with which our company is signing various agreements and contracts:

· Farm and forest management
· Manufacture of all products anf biomass
· Ratailing and wholesale of all

Or vocation is social and environmental, and their benefits are funded envoronmental projects and social development in all areas and regions where we operate our business in order to  achieve a balance between the modern concept of business and the envorinmet in which it operates.