Sectors of activity

Madera de Pinares acts at all levels of the biomass cycle: 

» Farm and forest management
Our company manages and participates in the management of public and private forests, through legal and technical instruments in each case, in collaboration with all kinds of companies and entities engaged in the forest sector in Spain and abroad.
As a forestry company, we are aware of the enormous importance of a management sustainable forestry to contribute to environmental conservation and emission reduction of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, utilization of forest biomass for heat and power is an essential means to achieve these objectives and company environmental Madera de Pinares is fully involved in this task.

» Manufacturing wood products/biomass
We manage and participate in the manufacture of various biomass products directly and through agreements and partnerships with various other companiesin the Wood sector.
In our factories we produce pellets, briquettes, and other products from forest biomass and gardening, to make available to the customer the best quality products in the marke.

» Retail Marketing
From our ONLINE STORE, Madera de Pinares retailed all kinds of products and gardening forest biomass (pellets, briquettes, lit torches, decorative bark, stoves and other Wood products), serving both domestic and international customers trough an in the market.

» Wholesale trade
In both Spain and abroad, our company makes the wholesale of Wood biomass products with agreements with different companies and entities engaged in the sector and has clients in every continent of the world.

» Export worldwide
From the sales department of our company, the forest biomass products produced by us and our business partners, are exported to different countries of the world, through the various systems in the International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS): with Price: CIF, FOB and EXW (Ex Works) mainly organizing the entire production system, transport to port by truck or arrival at destination. All with a management system that saves a lot of costs to our customers, to efficiently organize coordination with all ators involved in the process of productions, transportation and marketing.